Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New features, New showcases, New pieces!

Some fun and exciting news...the piece below was featured by another seller on etsy in a treasury and we are really hoping to make the frontpage. I haven't yet and think it would be a great honor. Plus I'm obsessed with 'whiteowl' a jewelry maker that she also included in the treasury that I had never seen before! :) check it out here...

Ps. in case you just want to check out whiteowl's stuff directly you can look here at their shop:

In other fun news... I officially for the first time ever have my art work hanging somewhere for sale!!!!!! So far I have only had my work hanging (already purchased) in my office, however, the wonderful salon that I get my hair done, Nash Hair Design in Falls Church, Va, is currently showing three of my pieces for sale. Nash, the owner, graciously gave me this opportunity saying it was a way to make his shop look nice and also a way to help me get my name out there. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to hear feedback that he gets about my art!

On the painting front I must say that for awhile I have been swept up by acrylics. However, while hanging the pieces at the salon I realized how much my oil pieces and the techniques I have used really do inspire me! So, I just added a new piece (painting at the top of post) and feel at home, or like 'I'm going back to my roots' with it....texture and color truly make me happy and I think I relayed that in this piece. I think the issue and why I had strayed away from this was that I hate repetitive things and felt I wasn't doing anything different. I realized just because I'm using the same technique doesn't mean I'm necessarily doing the same thing - there can be new colors, new patterns, new combinations, new lines or structure - and I just needed to start exploring that. Stayed tuned for more additions in this area but let me know what you think of this one.